Your Mission Inspired Our Launch

Since 1990, extreme poverty has been cut in half in developing countries. The story of development is one of promise, advancement and growth but we still have to aim higher. The role civil society and local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in the growth of economies and providing social safety nets is significant.

In Africa, many community-based indigenous NGOs are on the front lines assisting where they live and work, but often these local heroes do not have the resources to sustain transformational development.

We hope to change that.

At 1847 Philanthropic, we strive to enhance the long-term viability and financial stability of indigenous organizations in Africa. We provide this assistance by engaging both the donors, looking to support local causes and local NGOs on-the-ground.

True support of local organizations includes developing program management skills, structuring processes to absorb the funding, and communicating impact through an established reporting progress. Once we are assured of the local organization’s capacity, we use existing grants from the donor as leverage to raise additional funds for meaningful projects.

These services provided together produce a clear path for African non-profits to create financial stability, increase impact and efficiency. Allowing these local heroes to tackle the other half of the world’s population still in poverty with efficient and effective AID.

This blog will focus on strengthening the case for international funding of African NGOs. We will publish tips on developing small local fundraising campaigns as well as highlight case studies of successful engagements by donors with local African NGOs.

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.